Bytes & Belief Bible Study Lesson 2 – Multitasking

BnB Class Candid_2
We’re off and running with the second week of Bytes and Belief Bible Study at New York Covenant Church. Turn-out was fantastic!
This week’s class was centered on Multitasking (and what it says about us). If you couldn’t make the class in person, the lecture slides are available here (link below).
It’s not too late to join us in person!!!
The next class is Wednesday May 14 at 7:15pm. See you there!!!
(UPDATE: For copies of this lesson – please contact me via email or @bbblggr)


One thought on “Bytes & Belief Bible Study Lesson 2 – Multitasking

  1. I thought I was an excellent multi-tasker but now I realize that I only FEEL like I am doing a good job when I am doing multiple things at once. I am so thankful that this Bible Study has enlightened me to the truth. The relationship I have with my mobile device has been distracting me from focusing on the more challenging things I need to do on a day to day basis. I guess my phone is a sedative….. DANG! I rebuke that! I rebuke it!

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