Bytes and Belief – Technology Bible Study Begins!!!

BnB Class Candid_1
Thanks to everyone who came out to the first class of Bytes & Belief Bible Study at New York Covenant Church. We had a full house, and there was lots of lively discussion. We are off to a great start!
If you weren’t able to join us for the first class, no need to miss out! The slides from the lecture are here for download (click the link below).
I’m putting something special together for next week’s class.
Hope to see you there!!!

(UPDATE: For copies of this lesson – please contact me via email or @bbblggr)

One thought on “Bytes and Belief – Technology Bible Study Begins!!!

  1. I originally got on Facebook to promote Tuesday Nite Church, a campus plant of New York Covenant Church. Prior to that time I stayed clear of social media. I just didn’t want my business out there nor did I want to waste the time on it. Over time I realized that I have grown attached to social media. I tend to look at the news feed whenever I am free. Some of it is fun. But if I am really honest many of the posts annoy me. After Bible study tonight I have decided that I am blocking or un-following those so called friends of mind that post garbage. I don’t have to be in bondage to a tool that is supposed to enhance God’s Kingdom.

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