Marcus Hammonds has spent his professional career conceiving, designing, and developing products that (hopefully) make people’s lives easier. As a holder of seven US patents, he has brought innovation to everything from dishwashers and vending machines to cell phones and computers. In his current role, Marcus leads Product Design and Innovation Strategy within the Consumer Products Industry.
Marcus is also a growing Christian. A former seminary student, he has several years of experience teaching adult Sunday School, having led both small groups and large classes.

Marcus Hammonds holds BS & MS degrees in Mechanical Engineering.

Email: marcus@coolstuffisaw.com

3 thoughts on “About

  1. Marcus is a highly intelligent, witty, and innovative disciple! I am so thankful that God bound us together shortly after I was knit into the body of Christ approximately 10 years ago. He is an extremely gifted teacher and has so much to offer the world. Please look out for him coming to a city near you. You do not want to miss out on hearing the critical information that he has for you. It may save your life!

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