Coming Soon – God, Technology, & Us…

GTU Book announcement

For those  who have been following this blog for some time, you know that one of its main objectives is to carefully  consider how technology is impacting our relationship with God. For me, this site has been a great place  to begin addressing the many complex questions that our new digital tools force us to ask ourselves.

Now it’s time to kick it up a notch…
This summer, I will be releasing my book “God, Technology, and Us” – an in-depth look at our relationship with technology and how it affects our faith. Beyond discussing the challenges new technologies bring up, this book will also suggest ways where we can change how we view technology so it becomes less of a distraction and more of a blessing.
The book website, is now live! Check this site and join the mailing list for the latest updates…

Bytes & Belief Visits TWiT

Bnb Visits TWIT Studio1
For those of you who follow Bytes & Belief on Twitter (@bytesandbelief), you may remember that I recently had a chance to visit the legendary TWIT Studios for a live recording of the This Week in Tech podcast. The TWiT network, founded ten years ago buy Leo Laporte, has been a pioneer in the world of internet-based radio shows, better known as podcasts.
Thanks to my keen scheduling skills,  I arrived at the studio too late to see the actual show.  Leo was gracious enough to sit and talk with my wife and I for a few minutes about Bytes and Belief, as well as take a few pictures. So even though I missed the show, I had a wonderful time!
Thanks again to Leo and all the great people at TWIT!!!