Bytes & Belief Bible Study @ NYCC Continues

BnB Class 3 Lecture Candid


The “Bytes and Belief bible study rolls on at New York Covenant Church. We just completed Class #3, which focused on the places we go online, also known as our “virtual playground”. It’s this experience online that shapes our behavior when we are in the physical world. The question is, how does that behavior affect our worship? These are the questions we are exploring in this dynamic bible study.
Want to learn more? You can start by reviewing the course slides (link below). It’s also not too late to join us live! Our next class is Wednesday May 21 at 7:15pm.
Hope to see you there!!!
To get copies of this presentation, please email me at:

One thought on “Bytes & Belief Bible Study @ NYCC Continues

  1. To say that Americans live in an individualistic society is a complete understatement! I was ignorant to how the virtual playground tailors pretty much all of our internet behavior toward self. If we are not diligent, then technology will manipulate us to be even more selfish. Selfishness is death for a Christian. The life of a Christian is death to self! We find life in death.

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