We’re Off to SxSW 2013!!!

sxsw promo_small

We here at bytesandbelief.com are heading to Austin, TX this weekend to cover the 2013 SxSW – Interactive Conference!!!

SxSW (pronounced South by Southwest) is not really a conference in the traditional sense. Divided into three parts (Interactive/Film/Music), it’s really part Consumer Electronics Show, part Sundance Film Festival, and part music festival. SxSW is really the place where web developers, hardware engineers, and start-ups go to introduce their newest products. Many popular apps and services, such as FourSquare and Twitter, were first introduced at SxSW.

It’s is also the place where leaders in the technology industry go to discuss their vision of the future. While the goal of most sessions is to inspire the next generation of developers, things that are discussed here will eventually impact the tools we ALL use. What’s discussed here will heavily influence how we as a society decide to integrate technology into our lives.

What do the thinkers behind the technology movement think?
That’s the question we hope to shed light on over the next several days.

Check the site frequently for updates!

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