60 Minutes Report: Robots, AI and Job Growth

On their January 13th episode, 60 Minutes aired this report on the next generation of robots and their growing impact on the US (and World) economy. Most of us may be familiar with the concept of robots being used in factories to build cars and appliances. However, this report showed that, with the increased sophistication of artificial intelligence software (aka A.I.), robots are taking over jobs in hospitals, law offices, and other “safe” positions.

The core dilemma this report raises is that advancing technology is disrupting so many industries, so quickly and the new technologies aren’t creating enough jobs to employ the workers they displace (even with re-training).

Definitely a must-see…

2 thoughts on “60 Minutes Report: Robots, AI and Job Growth

  1. In this diseased economy, not only do I have to find an available job, I need to know someone who works at the organization so that my résumé gets into a hiring manager’s hand. Once they review my qualifications, have to compete with a Robot to get the job. Great! The future looks bright! Lowbrow!

    • Exactly. The most disturbing thing about the story was the response from the economists, Erik Brynjolfsson and Andrew McAfee. They understood that the continued growth in the sophistication of artificial intelligence will displace even greater numbers of knowledge works. They also acknowledged that they have no idea on how idea how to fix the problem.

      Stayed tuned to the site for my review of their book “Race Against the Machines”…

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